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Campaigner is one of the most popular email marketing services, which have been known for its convenience and easy to use systems. Once you have created your own account, you can already access or modify your account and make your own campaign to be sent to your emailing lists. Campaigner has a contact lists that walks you through the process of creating list of customers so you can easily get acquainted to using the program. It also has well made templates you can follow in creating email messages and a demo that introduces you to the program.

Using Campaigner is an effective way to maintain and gather new customers. Some of the most essential features of using this program include importing lists of customers, tracking the number of people who clicked your link, customized reports, and excellent HTML pages. If you want to make sure that your library meets the design of your campaign, you can use campaigner’s editing tool. It helps you crop, rotate, and resize images so that they could match with the dimensions of your campaign.

You can track your campaigns by clicking on the report tabs of this program. Campaigner will show you a report about you mails that were sent, opened, forwarded, deleted, bounced, delivered, and many more.

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You can even compare your reports from two or more different campaigns and see which one was more successful. These reports can be saved so you can easily get a look of your success rate easily.

You won’t find it hard to use Campaigner if you already have some experience online. With the help of contact list wizard, you’ll be guided throughout the entire process of creating your email lists and how to send campaigns to a lot of clients. Whenever you need help, you can get a support right away. Campaigner provides a live chat for those who would want to speak with an instructor over the phone or internet. It is never easy to navigate on the program so you definitely need to access the support system for assistance.

Campaigner review provides a set of plans – the normal and the pro plan. The normal plan starts for as low as $25 per month but the pro plan may reach from up to $375. If you are new to the system, you can use the normal plan. But if you already know the mechanics and that you want to upgrade your service, then you can use the pro plan and get better results to your email marketing strategy. 

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